Walking Scotlands Coast

Welcome to our new Blog page

Hi, welcome to our new blog page where we can add information on our forthcoming coast walks and answer any questions you may have about our routes, transport accommodation or any other related subject.

We would also love to have any information you may have about our future routes.

Look forward to receiving your questions or comments,


One thought on “Welcome to our new Blog page

  1. Robyn & Michael Dillon

    Hi, Love your concept!! An amazing blog with fab photos and so much information. Thank you for sharing!!
    We are planning to spend 3 days at Torridon YHA in early September. Wondering if you have done any more walks in that area yet? We don’t plan to do anything too challenging, but would be interested if you have ventured back there.
    All the best with your future walks.
    Robyn and Michael Dillon

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